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Tour Europe at Rothenberg on the Tauber, Germany


            Often the word tour conjures up images of large stuffy busses filled with bored tourists.  Nothing could be farther from the truth! In fact, the realm of tour packages is almost limitless.  By definition, a tour package is any travel arrangement that includes more than one component.  Technically, an airplane flight with accompanying car rental is a tour package.  The most common components are flights, car rentals or airport transfers, bus trips, river, lake and ocean cruises, accommodations, meals, and various sightseeing arrangements.

From the vast array of choices, you may embark on an escorted motor coach tour of the western United States, a cycling vacation in Denmark or a go-as-you please fly-drive package in Ireland featuring a tremendous selection of bed and breakfasts.  You could fly to a sunny Caribbean island and spend a week at an all-inclusive resort or travel on the historic trains of Europe.  Suffice it to say, there is probably a tour for whatever you want to do.  And if there isnít, I can create one for you.

            I have access to a wide variety of pre-packaged tours offered by numerous tour operators.  You will often realize significant savings by purchasing a tour package instead of buying the components individually.  Please go to our Tour and Cruise database.  Here you will find regularly updated specials.  Also you can search using several criteria to find a tour that suits your needs.  Additionally, there are many other tours that arenít on these lists.

      So start dreaming about the next trip you want to take!  I can help make it a reality.




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